Jesus gave commands through the Holy Spirit to the apostles” and “he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem but to wait.” Acts 2: 2,4.


 It is an incredible joy to visit churches and share about Central! We have visited seven churches so far and rolled up the miles on the Interstate. Some might consider that a hassle but so far it’s been an incredible blessing!  

We are asked two questions at most of the churches we visit. One is simply this. “You are in Memphis. Why are you planning on being in the Mt Calvary Association?” Isn’t that a long ways off? Valid question!

Traditionally most BMA churches belong to a “local” association. The center of Mt Calvary Association is around two hours away from Desoto County. We are in Mississippi and of course the association is in Arkansas. If we went by the normal way of doing things, well that just wouldn’t work.

There are basically four reasons why we are planning on it.

1.       After we prayed about it… the Lord gave me peace that this was what we should do. We have prayed often and ask God to direct us clearly. Today I was “SOAPing” and the text fits this point perfectly. The Lord is the Head of the Church. We see it in the two verses as He “commands” and “ordered” the church. He gave them direction. When the Lord speaks we should simply say yes. For me it was enough that He gave me that peace.

2.       Our “Mother Church”, Charity Baptist in Ward, AR. is in this Association.  

3.       Over the past five years God acted providentially in this matter. In 2008, God began giving me opportunities to preach throughout the Association. Revivals, Retreats, DNows and Church camp in the summer of ‘09, ’10, ’12 & ’13. Through all the interaction God has given my family and I a love for the people, youth, Pastors and Youth Pastors of the association. We interact on social media. I have the blessing of counseling, comforting and encouraging from afar. I’m thankful that God has given me that opportunity to helping His people!  

4.       The local BMA Association in Memphis no longer exists. In 2007, that association disbursed its remaining funds and voted to cease meeting. It had long been a struggling association.

There is ONE HUGE draw back to interacting with these people though! 99% like the HOGS! Other than that… we feel like its where we belong.

Although it is not an official fact yet… Since we are asked so often… I thought I would offer my answer on our blog.

There you have it! Blessings!

Time to Toil…

Colossians 1: 28, 29