James 4:2 “You have not because you ask not!”

I have always been the Pastor or Staff Member that invites missionaries or church planters to the church where I serve. I have loved hearing the vision and what God was calling them to do. It’s honestly kind of odd to have the shoe on the other foot. A church planter has to have support. So you call, schedule and visit churches to appeal for it. As my kids would say … “Awkward!” Do you hear me laughing?

I was a student of Dr. Gerald Kellar. In fact, our youngest son is named after him. He once said in a class that he was teaching; “Boys sometimes you have to ask people for money, Paul did and you can too!” Too funny, yet he was right! As James 4:2 says; “you have not because you ask not”. We do need your support! I want to invite you to join my wife and I and others in supporting this new plant.

As Associational Baptist we have been doing this for years. Historically, churches, local associations, and individuals partner together to assist a Mother Church in launching a new church. It’s a biblical and logical approach to support a new church. It works! 98% of the time no single church can plant a new church on her own. In this case, Charity in Ward is partnering with other Mt Calvary Churches, Arkansas Churches, and even churches in Mississippi to support Central as they feel lead. It’s amazing to see the Lord’s churches work together!

Our plan is basic. We have three accounts. Here are the accounts you can start supporting as the Lord leads you.

  • ·         The Opening Budget: This account funds the items needed for the launch of public worship services. It includes things such as the sound system, light sets and computers. The need to meet this budget is $18,500. We are asking churches to give to this account this fall. We pray that we can meet this goal by December 31, 2013. This account is held by Charity Baptist Church, our Mother Church. To give to this individuals, couples, churches or associations can send donations to Charity Baptist P.O. Box 286 Ward, AR 72176. Write checks to Charity and on the check “memo line” simply put “Central’s Opening Budget” and it will be appropriately applied.
  • ·         The Operating Budget: This is the general fund of the church plant. Starting January, 2014, the plant will need monthly support from churches. It is exactly what it’s called; an operating account. It will help pay for all of the discipleship endeavors and ministry related expenses. We have already opened this account and those who are committed to Central have already started tithing to it. To give to this account, mail checks to Central. The temporary address is 250 Plum Point Ave Southaven, MS 38671. On the “memo line” put “Operating Budget”.
  • ·         The Opportunity Budget: This account will fund all the initial outreach, advertising, and web services for the church. This is a special ONE TIME fund that is essential to the early launch of the church. We will begin raising this money as soon as the “Opening Budget” is met. If things go as planned, that will be January 1, 2014.

All our accounts have more than one attending to the funds for accountability purposes. Our Mother Church receives monthly account information also for Central’s accounting purposes.

If you would like to know more about how to support Central, please feel free to contact us. My phone # is 901-343-3293. My email is Anders.Lee571@gmail.com.

THANK YOU! We know many of you will support this new work! Your investment in the Kingdom will be known for eternity!

Time to Toil

Colossians 1: 28, 29