“All things should be done decently and in order”.                                        I Corinthians 14:40

When I was a pastor at Calvary in Horn Lake, MS, I was always excited to hear about new mission endeavors or church plants. Normally we would invite them to come share their vision. It was a blessing to hang out and fellowship with them either before or after the service they came to. Even though in those fellowship times we “let our hair down” and ate together, normally I would call the appropriate people to ask follow up questions. As a pastor I couldn’t lead our church body to support someone I had not personally looked into.

The shoe is on the other foot now! It can be awkward, yet it is normal. I fully expect Pastors and churches to have questions… to do their homework! It would be hypocritical of me to do my homework on men I invest in and not be ok with men of God doing their homework on me or Central. The question is who can a Pastor or Church talk to in order to get answers?

CURRENT STRUCTURE: The answer is simple for now. Two people: 1. Bro Keith Lewis. He is the Pastor of our Mother Church. He and I visit often and he is aware of the vision and plan of the church plant. I know he stands ready to help anyone who wants to get to the bottom line. 2. Bro. Larry Barker is my personal coach. He is also the Director of North American Missions. He can explain the new vision that the BMAA currently has and why I am a part of it. He has also visited with me and is aware of much of the early life of Central.

Please feel free to call upon them to gain further insight than what you may have heard in my presentations at your church or from this blog. Of course you can call or contact me at anytime! My contact info is 901.343.3293 and Anders.Lee571@gmail.com.

ACCOUNTABILITY: When it comes to money $$$$$, everyone wants to be sure that it is going to what it was given for! Amen? How many times have you heard the horror stories of mission dollar being misappropriated or even out right stolen? Boy I have! When I first got to Desoto County, the former BMA of Memphis Association was dealing with the fall out of over $60,000 that had been embezzled. OUCH! It is vitally important that Central take steps to assure that such a thing will not happen. We have done that!  

Here’s what I want you to know:

  • With each account there is more than one person dealing with incoming funds. Our “Operational” account in Southaven is up and running. Hardly anything will be spent out of this account for a while. Two members of the plant are giving oversight to the fund. Monthly reports of this account are sent to Charity for accountability. Charity has the “Opening” account up and running and can receive gifts to the plant for the items we have need of. They also have two giving oversight to that fund, including Bro. Keith. They are providing monthly updates to myself as the church planter.
  • No single person can utilize or appropriate funds out of either of these accounts without full agreement of all those in oversight. This is the initial accountability that has been set up to protect Central and those who are investing in the plant. Further developments are certainly possible as time goes forward and Charity sees fits.
  • We are an OPEN BOOK! Please feel free to ask questions! We are admittedly doing things differently. I believe we are following the clear leadership of the Holy Spirit. We know that a new approach fosters questions. That is perfectly normal and we are excited that anyone would seek us out in order to ask and get clarification. When we are asked we can iron out anything that Satan might otherwise use to hinder Christ mission in Desoto County.   

This information is so critical so be sure to share it with those who want to know about Central!

Time to Toil

Colossians 1: 28, 29