“Cornelius…called together his relatives and close friends.” Acts 10:24

ImageStarting a church from “scratch” might sound perplexing and difficult. Is it really possible to start with a hand full of people and expect it to turn into multiple families and then a full church? Admittedly, there are times in the flesh that this question seems to be overwhelming. How will we reach people? Yet God has a biblical plan for church planting!

We all have an “oikos”. “What is an “oikos”? The New Testament was written in the Greek language. “Oikos” in Greek means “house” or “household”. The New Testament uses this term on many occasions. You see it many times in the book of Acts (Acts 16:15, 16:31-36, Acts 18:7-9). He wants us to use that “oikos” as a vehicle for His Kingdom and an incredible tool for church planting! In fact, many in the New Testament had a church that met in their homes (Romans 16:5, I Corinthians 16:19, Colossians 4:15, Philemon 1:2).

In Acts 10:24, we have a perfect example of someone using the “oikos” God gave them. Cornelius sent for Peter to come to his house and share the gospel with his family and friends. Peter came and witnessed to the group that was gathered and many were saved. It’s a perfect pattern laid out for us on how to reach people.  

The gospel flows naturally through relationships. There is no mistaking this in scripture. An “oikos” is the fundamental unit of society involving families, friends, neighbors, and associates. Whether we realize it or not, we all have these circles of relationships tied to us. Now that our “Core Group” is beginning to take shape, we will be identifying the many people who can be reached in our collective circles. Oikos Diagram

Once we recognize the many people that we are all connected to, starting from “scratch” isn’t that perplexing. A lot of unchurched or lost people won’t go to a “building” or a “church”, but some will go to house that they are familiar with. It will be in that house setting, in small group meetings, where people who have normal relationships will have the opportunity to begin a supernatural relationship with God!

This excites me and that’s what it’s all about!!! The possibilities are unending. Once we add other people to the “Core Group”, they too will represent another “oikos”, giving us a whole new list of people to reach with the gospel of Christ! Multiplication of disciples becomes exponential as we yield ourselves to the Lord!

The power is not in the relationships. The relationships are simply the vehicle for God to work. The power is in the Spirit of God working through the Word of God in the hearts of these people.

I’m looking forward to what Central looks like two or three years from now as we all use our “oikos” to begin this new church. Until then it’s….

Time to Toil!

Colossians 1:28, 29