• Charity Baptist, Ward, AR. Voted May 19th to become our Mother Church!
  • God has already added Justin & Hollie Burdick to our plant team. He will serve as our Associate Pastor.
  • We have booked 18 churches in June, July, August & Septmeber to share the plant vision with!
  • God has already provided a brand new laptop from a generous family
  • God has kept us safe on the road over the last two months!
  • We have three of the five couples committed to the plant that we have been praying for, and others are continuing to pray about it.
  • Funds are beginning to come in to both our Operating and Opening Budget.


  • 1.     Since Central is the Lord’s Church, we need Him to:

·        Make clear and fine tune His Vision to our hearts.

·        Establish the Timeline as He would have it.

  • 2.     That the Lord would bless Justin & Hollie Burdick as the birth of their baby draws near in September.
  • 3.     That the Lord would provide the perfect house for the Burdick’s in December.
  • 4.     That jobs would open to the Burdick’s that will fit with the plant well.
  • 5.     That the Lord would open the door to a worship leader who walks closely with the Lord and whose skill set fits the DNA of the church.
  • 6.     That God would give us 2 more couples to initialize the core group training in September.
  • 7.     That God would give us financially supporting individuals, families & churches.
  • 8.     That Bro. Anders can book 15 more churches to present the new plant to.
  • 9.      That God would begin opening doors for us to establish new relationships through which we can gain contacts for small groups that begin in January 2014.
  •  That God would bless in meeting the rest of our “Opening Budget” Goal of $18,430 by December 31, 2013.