Core Value #7 MISSIONAL

“Our passion is to support productive mission works all over the world, while being a life giving church in our own community.” Colossians 1:5-6, I John 3:17-18

It is an exciting time as Central begins to become reality. There are so many things that we need to begin or do. This weekend those who have committed to being an original member of the church plant came together for the first time to discuss and make decisions. As someone who has always been a member of an existing church, it is funny in a way to think that we have to get some things rolling that are so basic. Yet it has to be done. Of course we had to have a food fellowship for the first meeting… ha.

This weekend we appointed a treasurer. We voted to set up a P.O. Box in order to have an actual mailing address for Central. We approved a document that will be utilized to transfer member’s letters from other churches. We established our schedule for the first quarter of our first year. We also discussed where our funds are at! It doesn’t sound like much right now, but to me it’s the equivalent of a million dollars! I’m giddy with excitement!

The most significant matter we officially decided this weekend was to begin supporting missionaries now! Ten percent (10%) of all our giving to the “Operational Account” will be given to missions. We want to be missional from the beginning of time. It is one thing to have a mailing address and a calendar of events, but quite another to start investing in mission giving. As of today, we are monthly supporting Jonathan Stone a new BMA church planter in Celina, Texas and Tommy Rose a new BMA missionary to Mexico. We have also agreed to support Johnmichael Poulin, our missionary to Peru, by taking up special offerings for his work fund.

Rose Tommy

I met Jonathan when he came before the mission’s advisory committee that I serve on in September, 2012. He is a great young man that desires to plant a new BMA church. I enjoyed hearing his passion for serving the Lord and His church in Celina. I just met Tommy at a Workshop in Little Rock led by Bro Larry Barker. Through the workshop I heard and saw a desire for God to use him on the field for His glory! I have known Johnmichael for almost 20 years. He was in the youth group at Calvary Baptist in Horn Lake where I once served. He and his wife are three years into starting bible studies and a new church in Peru.

Poulin Johnmichael

So it’s official! As we begin to reach people here in Desoto County, we want to immediately invest in other fruit bear efforts around the globe. I love being a BMA pastor and investing in BMA Missions! Don’t you?

Time to Toil…

Colossians 1:28, 29