It’’s official! Central has a new mailing address for you to utilize when necessary. It is simple:

  • P.O. Box 344 Southaven, MS 38671


New Core Members can mail their tithe checks to this address and they will be picked up by our treasurer and then deposited within the week.

Every time you send your check in, it increases our Operating Account and 10% of it goes to support the missionaries you have chosen. Bro Tommy Rose, church planter in Mexico and Bro Jonathan Stone, church planter in Celina, Texas. The 10% is divided equally. Our Operating Account is currently at $3,225.00. Not bad for a brand new church plant! Let’s all be faithful stewards of what the Lord has given us by the giving of the tithe!

Supporting Churches can send correspondence to the above P.O. Box address also.

For those individuals and churches who would like to give to the church plant. We are currently raising funds this fall for our “Opening Budget”. The need is $18,500. This fund will enable us to get all the needed items for holding worship services. Basically, sound equipment, staging, lights… etc… If you would like detailed items and amounts we can provide you with a list that our Tech Team put together.  

Send funds and offerings for the “Opening Budget” to Charity Baptist Church (Our Mother Church). The address is P.O. Box 286 Ward, AR 72176.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Time to Toil…

Colossians 1: 28, 29