You do not have because you do not asked? James 4:2

People may wonder how having a mowing business could possibly fit with being a church planter. I would have thought that a year or so ago, but I sure don’t now. One of the huge benefits of mowing is solitude and prayer time. Really! No phones are ringing. No one can talk to you. Perfect! I made a commitment to pray over our prayer list on every yard we mow. At times I feel like I am unnecessarily asking God over and over again… but after all He did say… ASK – SEEK – KNOCK. So we have been!

I am really thankful for many of you who have been praying with us over our prayer list. We get inbox’s on Facebook and text from individuals just saying they are praying. What a comfort to know people are praying! We surely cannot do anything apart from the blessing of the Lord!

One of the huge things we have been asking God for is to give us 5 couples to begin with (other than our family and the Burdicks). Every church plant needs a seed of Christian people and families to begin with, people who are mature enough to make an impact from the beginning. Slowly but surely, God has begun to add them to our group. Over the past three weeks we have met with 5 couples to share with them the vision for Central. They too have been praying for the Lord’s direction!

I am thrilled to be able to say that God has answered those prayers! At this point we have 5 couples committed to being a part of Central! We have been praying for this to take place for three months and it’s a great joy to report it to you all! The good news is there are yet others who are still praying about the possibility of being apart. As it is we will be starting with 15 adults (One is a college student), but this number could possibly rise to 19 soon.


On a financial note, some money is beginning to come in towards our “Opening Budget”. We are so grateful to those who have given and to those who will. Pray that many churches, couples, and individuals will be burdened to come along side of us and give to meeting the need on the “Opening Budget”.

Continue to pray that God will direct our hearts as we go forward! Soon we will begin training this Core Group! My excitement grows as we move closer to the time!

Time to Toil…

Colossians 1:28, 29