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“The youth worked the booth and helped hand out flyers about Central…”

As of this past Sunday we have made trips to 16 BMA churches to share Central. It has been a great blessing to meet, visit and share with the good people at these churches.

Recently I was with First Baptist Newark, Newark, AR. Great church! Pictured in this post is a picture of Josh & Charla. They work with the youth at the church. As you will notice in the note below…they are definitely devoted HOG FANS! Ha Ha… But even more… they are devoted to helping a church planter. They jumped on board with helping us immediately! What they did truly encouraged and motivated me to be as on the ball as they are! I appreciate the support and I know Central members do also! Their youth group teamed up to raise money for our “Opening Budget”. It was great to hear back from them… here’s the note they shared with me on Facebook last night.

“Bro. Anders. This is the only way we knew to get a hold of you so this is why we are writing on here. We just wanted you to know that we are sending a check your way from the church. We are sending it to the mother church like you said but we just wanted you to know. We told you before you left that we were going to do something with the youth to raise money for Central and we did. The youth group worked together to get together a bunch of donations from local businesses and then participated in our local Times-n-Traditions Festival here in Newark a couple of weeks ago. We had a game booth and gave away the donations as prizes. The youth worked the booth and helped hand out flyers about Central and our own church. We ended up making over $800.00 and we are sending it all your way. We do continue to pray for you and Central and just wanted you to know that we loved helping out. We hope you can find the money useful in some way and will continue to be in our prayers.”

Thanks, Josh and Charla Bridgeman Youth Leaders First Baptist Church – Newark, Arkansas

P.S. Josh said, “How ’bout them Hogs?” he he”

THANK YOU Josh & Charla and Newark Youth Group for your help and encouraging words! When Charity receives your check it will be put into that fund and used to purchase items for launching the church!

Time To Toil…

Colossians 1: 28, 29