Meet The Central Family!

You have heard all the facts, strategies, information, ministry methods and financial needs of Central. Now I want you to meet the families behind all the details. These are the ones who are committed to Central and who have been attending Core Group training!

God has given us a solid and sound group to beginning with! Every church plant has to start with a seed group that has been called of the Lord to launch a new church body! I am so thankful that these have answered God’s call for their lives and have great interest in investing time and effort into starting a ministry that will impact the lives of others who are unchurched and lost in our county!

Here they are:

Justin & Hollie Burdick



James & Christine Chunn


 Taylor & Breanna Clayton


Hunter Garner


Chad & Julie Kinnision


Us Lee’s

 Lee Family

Joel Richardson


Glen & Kelly Ross


Carl & Dana Sookraj


Tank & Hannah Tuck


All the kids and babies are not in the pictures, but we are blessed with young families with little ones galore! I am missing a picture of Christ Burton who is also attending. We are absolutely excited to be worshiping, working and fellowshiping with these families! Pray for us as we go forward together in this work!

Time To Toil…

Colossians 1:28,29