If you have just heard about Central through our Halloween Connection Event, Facebook, or just word of mouth. We wanted to give you a little info about us!


  • A Brand New Church starting January 5, 2014!
  • Focusing on young couples from every walk of life in Desoto County!
  • Connecting with people who fell through the cracks at church or who have never connected to a church before!
  • Contemporary in DNA!
  • Devoted to the teachings of the Scriptures!
  • Gospel Centered! Sharing Christ in all we do!
  • Dedicated to genuinely discipling young believers to become key factors in the Kingdom of Christ!
  • A life giving church for the people of Desoto County! 
  • Committed to doing things excellent for the glory of God!
  • Relational… Authentic… and Relevant!

Meet our Pastor online at or on Twitter @Anders_L_Lee

For more information about Central, email Anders at or text/call him at 901-343-3293!

Feel free to read all of our other blog entries to gain insight about our church!