Things are going quite well with Central! We are excited about what the Lord is doing and will do!

We have had various training and orientation for our Core Group over the last 12 weeks. The past two weeks have been critical! We started OIKOS training!

OIKOS training teaches our Core group to pray through and identify people from every circle of their lives that are unchurched and/or lost! Statistics say that when a church plant uses OIKOS that eventually 14-18 % of the ones they reach out to will eventually come into a relationship with Christ and/or commit to the church plant.

Over the last two weeks we have identified 107 individuals and couples that we know in the fabric of our lives! In this blog I have included a picture of our OIKOS! WOW! Before we all revealed our list and contacts I was nervous about how many we actually knew and could identify. Why? Because it’s my passion and heartbeat to reach those unchurched and lost, NOT JUST HAVE PEOPLE MOVING THEIR LETTERS from other churches. We don’t want to be about that. I realize eventually some will, but it’s not our focus or objective!

Centrals OIKOS

The potential in this list of 107 is enormous! Please pray for us as we begin laying out our plan to reach these people for Christ!

What’s the plan? In December and January our group will be inviting these people to in home gatherings. The venues will be simple… building relationships… finding out needs… feeding them… letting our hair down… follow up texts… facebooking… networking!!! We intend for over a month to just get to know them! Then those who have attended our gatherings in this time period will be invited to our Discovery Group meetings. Discovery is a basic group tool that we are using to have in home Bible studies. These meetings for 6 weeks in a row will simply be presenting the gospel to our OIKOS that attends!

SO… Pray for us as we reach out to them that:

God will use this time of relational building!

That our gatherings will open the door for many to come to our Discovery groups!

That God will work in their hearts beginning now so that they will come to Christ and Central!

That God will give us many to begin discipling!

We are excited, but we need the Spirit of God to enable us and lead us in this task!


Colossians 1: 28, 29