For three months our Core Group has been in training & orientation for the startup of Central in January! It has been a great time of investment in this group and bonding with each other!

December is a critical! All our training has been heading to this month… and now it’s here!

First, and most importantly, each couple in our group has identified 107 contacts in their people groups that are not in church or who may not have a relationship with Christ. We are excited at this potential!

From those names each couple has prayed and sought the Lord for direction in forming a TOP FIVE LIST! Currently we have over 30 couples and individuals that we are beginning to reach out to in December.

We have planned three gatherings where these couples are invited over to our homes. The purpose is so that I can build rapport with them and the group develop a relationship with them as a whole.

One of our Core Values is this:  “We will be RELATIONAL! We will build relationships and use community interaction to reach people with the Gospel. With our love we will be irresistible to those who do not know the Lord.” We intend to genuinely love these couples and intentionally build a relationship, with the prayer that they will come to our in home bible studies and come to Christ!

WE ASK YOU TO PRAY THAT THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN! We pray also that many of these end up becoming disciples at Central! So join us in praying this month for this critical matter!


Colossians 1:28, 29