Frosty Days

This past Saturday evening Central had our first connect event with our OIKOS. I am very pleased to report that we were able to connect with 8 family units!

One couple is very interested and has communicated that they very much would like to be involved with Central. Another young man also has said he wishes to be involved. So our event was fruitful.

It’s just the beginning of these type connect events! It was fruitful, but, it was quiet frosty this past weekend as you can see from the length of our dangling icicles from the roof. We didn’t get snow, only freezing rain, but at the time of our gathering we were at 21 degrees with a wind chill of 13. With most people wanting to huddle by a fireplace or stay inside, I was not surprised that we did not have a bigger turn out. We had expected more to come, but the weather impacted the response. But it will not stay cold forever and our people still have all their contacts as well!

All in all the prospects are bright and our list strong. This is a marathon of networking and relationship building, so pray for us as we go about this effort. It will be the Spirit of God working in the hearts and lives of our Oikos that will draw them to Christ!

We are having another connect event this weekend. All of our group has invited families to Strike Zone to bowl with Central! Pray for this event this Saturday!


Colossians 1: 28,29