Introducing Taylor Clayton…


God has answered our prayers! Since April, we have been praying for God to provide Central with a Worship Leader. He certainly gave us the perfect one!

After discussion and prayer, I came to peace about asking Taylor Clayton to be our Worship Pastor.

Sometimes things just take time to develop. That’s the case with our search for a leader. In May of 2012, when we first began praying about planting a new church in Desoto County, I talked to Taylor. At the time he told me he just didn’t think it was time for him to be a part. As it turns out, for a several reasons, God had the whole church plant on hold in 2012. When God says wait … you wait. So we did.

Fast forward a year to May, 2013. We announced that God had given us the green light to start the church plant. I asked several guys in the BMAA to give me some leads on music guys who would fit a contemporary worship style. I ended up with three names to pray over and guys to talk to. From May till August in 2013, none of those seemed to develop or pan out and honestly God wouldn’t give me peace about any of them.

Through a series of events, God lead Taylor & Breanna to us in August, 2013. The whole thing was clearly God’s timing for him and Central! I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!!!

Taylor was in my youth group at Calvary from 1997-2003. He sang in our youth praise band, served in many ways, did all the crazy skits with us, was totally involved and faithful back then. He always has had a heart to walk with God. He was my Pastor’s son too, Dr. Kevin Clayton. Kevin is the former director of Disciple Guide and current pastor at Bethel Baptist in Fulton, MS.

When you have heard a teenage guy sing… well you know… he’s a teen guy… voice changing and settling… sort of… you know what I mean. He had a good voice then, but like I say… teenage guy… HA! So when Kevin told me that Taylor did an excellent job leading, he qualified it by saying “Well, I’m his Dad so I might be biased.” Honestly, I thought he might have been, because anyone that knows Kevin knows that KEVIN CANNOT SING! HA! So I’m thinking forget that recommendation! If the kids voice changed into anything like KevinS… forget it – HA! So Taylor started coming to Core Training… I asked him to lead a couple of Sundays…no strings attached… Well…. I was stunned to hear his voice! He ended up developing into quite a talented young man. He even learned how to play the guitar quite well.

All of that to say, after other possibilities were eliminated, we turned to praying about Taylor. After three months of praying it through, it became clear that he is DA MAN. Our process is simple, our Oversight Team will meet to approve my appointment of him in the month or so ahead. But I had to share with you all this attached video of the Worship Leader God brought our way. I think when you listen to him you will see why I’m thrilled he is here!

Keep praying for us and Taylor! By the Way his wife Breanna is expecting their second little girl ANY DAY NOW!

Time To Toil

Colossians 1: 28, 29