As we turn the calendar into 2014, we turn to a brand new agenda! In the fall, our primary agenda was Core Group Training. In the New Year we actually begin the work of the church. It is very exciting and we are depending totally on the Lord to do a work in and through us! I cannot be comprehensive on a blog but I want to hit the highlights for you.

There are two immediate changes in 2014. First, we will switch our meeting time from 5 p.m. to 10 am. We are still meeting at our house. It is a joy to begin Sunday morning worship with our group alone. No training or strategy talks, just worship and the word. We are not advertising this service as a public venue obviously, but it is a good step for us. Secondly, we add mid-week meetings in the homes of our members. They will be inviting friends and neighbors to come join us for Discovery Bible studies. It also is a big step for us, as they lead and facilitate their guest for the Kingdom! With this change we will begin to implement our approach to studying the Word. We begin SOAPing through the book of Mark personally, doing Discovery Bibles Studies on key chapters in Mark in homes, and I will be preaching from specific texts in Mark as well. Even in our kids times, they will learn from the book. I’m excited to see this get rolling and watch it happen! After Mark, and a good dose of the Life of Christ, we will be jumping to Romans and getting baptized into Pauline theology. Both will be rich and awesome to dig through together.

Our OIKOS connection events continue. We will have these throughout the year providing our members venues to invite their OIKOS to in order to network and build relationships. We already have five planned for the first few months. Pray with us that we can reach many families through this effort!

Perhaps the two biggest events in the year are April 20th & September 7th. In April we will hold worship service on EASTER.  In September we are setting our sites on launching public worship. The Easter worship will be the first exposure we will have to the general public. So it will be a huge day for us. We are looking into possible venues this very week. Pray that we will have wisdom in choosing this location. Our hopes are to secure a location for Easter that we can return to in September. We also pray that the service will be a huge entry point for many families into Central!

There is a lot of work to come by before September when we open our doors. From now till March 31st, we are developing four discipleship classes. These are critical! In fact, we cannot exist without them in full swing. Here is a brief description of them. The first is an entry class to introduce and orient new people to the DNA and life of Central. It will be a 4 week crash course providing information that our Core Group went through in 2013. The second is a 6 week class of fundamental discipleship. The third a 6 week class on the Spirit Filled and Crucified life of the believer. The fourth a 6 week class covering servant life and sharing ones faith. This is the first tier of discipleship classes. Our plan is to develop and implement them all in 2014. In the later part of 2014, we will begin work on the second tier of discipleship classes that we aim to implement in 2015.

Here are other points of our 2014 vision:

Develop and employ our Oversight Team. This is a team of Spiritually Mature men from both Charity and Central who will make decisions for Central throughout 2014.

Publicize and communicate to Pastors and Churches of the BMAA the need to raise $18,000 by September for our “Outreach Budget”. I will share more about this in another blog.

“15 by 2015”. It is our goal to disciple and lead 15 couples through the first tier of discipleship classes by 2015.

“40/3600”. It is our goal that our members give $40,000 to the Operating Fund of Central and $3600 to BMAA Missions.

“”50 by 2015”. It is our goal to have a total of 50 adults by 2015.

Our vision is a God-sized vision! As one of our theme verse states; “For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.” Colossians 1:29. Jesus said in John 15:5, “without me, you can do nothing.” We will be seeking Him and needing His leadership and enabling power! Pray with us and for us to see the work through and “toil” in His “energy”.


Colossians 1: 28,29