“Go therefore and make disciples… teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28: 19, 20


It has been my desire to develop a complete set of discipleship tracks for some time. Normally, it’s the tyranny of the urgent in ministry that has kept me from it. Now the Lord has called me to make it the tyranny of the urgent! What else in ministry, other than the process of discipleship should be more urgent?

Our immediate plan is to have two tiers/levels to complete. Each tier will have four tracks to complete. In 2014, we are developing and implementing the first tier. By Easter, the first two tracks of tier one will be complete and ready to utilize.

In tier one, we cover Life at Central, Track One; Life in Christ, Track Two; Life in Christ, Track Three; and Life in Christ, Track Four.

Track One teaches new comers our vision, core values, and beliefs. In it they will meet our staff up close and personal. It also teaches them to SOAP, know how to do Discovery Bible Studies, and begin understanding and focusing on their Oikos.

Track Two challenges them to know for sure if they are “in Christ”, and teaches them spiritual disciplines for new believers.

Track Three takes them deeper into their walk with Christ, teaching them the crucified life, Spirit filled life, and surrendering daily so that the fruits of the Spirit/the Divine nature of Christ lives through them.

Track Four takes them exploring Spiritual Gifts, serving Christ through His church, and leadership development.

Please pray as we develop these tracks. Not only do we want them finished this year but it’s our goal to take 15 couples through the first tier by 2015. We are focusing on fulfilling our theme verse, Colossians 1:28, giving EVERYONE the opportunity to pursue becoming mature in Christ through intentional discipleship.

This is my heartbeat and my calling in ministry. I hope in the future other church plants or existing churches can tap into these tiers of discipleship and use them for His Kingdom in their midst!

I’m excited… the task is great… the adventure before me! TIME TO TOIL

Colossians 1: 28, 29