As a new church is being formed, there are naturally some questions from time to time that need to be answered. Since Central is under going a new fund raising effort in 2014 in which many BMAA churches that may not be familiar with us are being contacted, I thought it timely to release critical information regarding our associationally structure, endorsements and support. For some of you that have seen this before, you may can pass it on to someone who has not.

Central is definitely approaching this differently than what might be deemed traditional. Normally, a plant would “go through” a State Missions program or the National department. We have never been formally presented by any department to an associational floor for approval. However, this fact doesn’t make us any less of a biblical church plant. The reason we are approaching it in this way is simply this is how God lead us to go forward with it. 

In April 2012, Director of Missions, Dr. John David Smith, knowing there was not funds at the time to add a number of church planting missionaries to salary, challenged us to be creative in planting. He spoke then of planters approaching a new plant as a Bi-vocational church planter without the salaried support of the BMAA. With the challenge he issued the promise that such plants would have the opportunity for training and being equipped as any normal church plant approved on the floor of the association.

In that meeting God began a work in me and called me to such a task. Being a Bi-vocational church planter is different and it is intimidating. Yet it is God’s plan for my life and the life of Central for the foreseeable future.

Even though it is true that we have not been approved as a sanctioned church plant of the BMAA, we are nonetheless a church plant of the BMAA out of a BMAA church. After all, churches plant churches, not associations. For clarity sake, as anyone considers supporting our work, please know the following facts:

  • Central is a plant out of a former BMA of Arkansas Mission, Charity, in Ward, AR. Charity organized in August of 2012. In May, 2013, Charity voted to be the Mother Church of Central.
  • Central Pastor and Associate Pastor have received training by the National Missions Office and Bro. Larry Barker, North American Director of Missions in April & July of 2013.
  • The Plant Pastor made deputation trips to 21 BMAA churches throughout the summer of 2013. Churches in Mississippi and Arkansas are helping Central to raise funds.
  •  In September, 2013, Central started Core Group Training with 8 families and two individuals. Training for the groups was completed in December, 2013.
  •  The Missions Advisory Committee of our National work has formally endorsed Bro. Anders Lee and Central in September, 2013.
  •  The Mt. Calvary Association of Northeast Arkansas voted to support the plant financially at $800 monthly in September, 2013.
  • Both Pastor Lee and Associate Pastor Justin Burdick have gone through the assessment program of the BMAA National Missions office.
  • On February 17, 2014, the Missions Advisory Committee voted to endorse and financially support Justin Burdick in an Associate role with Central.
  •  Central started small groups and semi-private worship services January 5, 2014. The objective in the Spring of 2014 is to build the base of families & launch a full discipleship equipping track.
  • In nearly two months, the plant has networked and connected with 26 families and has had a total of 32 visitors.
  • Central members and Charity members are actively contributing to funding the ministry.

If you or your church has any questions as they consider supporting this plant, please feel free to contact us.


·         Pastor, Anders Lee,, 901-343-3293.

·         Mother Church Pastor, Keith Lewis,, 501-230-2900.

·         Coach & North American Missions Director, Larry Barker,, 501-766-2606

Anders Lee

Central Lead Pastor

Time to Toil…

Colossians 1: 28, 29