The Lord added to their number day by day … Acts 2:46

My Dad use to farm and raise tomatoes, corn, potatoes, okra, squash, and all those great things you eat living out in the country! One thing I learn, the harvest did not happen overnight. You had to put your hand to the plow, fertilize the ground, and water the soil before you enjoyed the results! There is one thing for sure, planting and building a church doesn’t happen overnight. No one ever gets an instantaneous church without TOILING (Colossians 1:29) and being led by the Holy Spirit.

So we are toiling! Networking and building relationships. It takes time and effort of course. Getting to know them is the key and responding to where they are at in life is the agenda. Meeting needs as they come up and sharing information! They don’t care what you know until they know how much you care! So, we don’t pester them but we stay in contact with them to maintain the connection.

Right now we are working with 10 additional couples and three individuals who have visited our worship service. Slowly but surely the OIKOS connection events have borne fruit! In December we just had a list of names we were going to reach out to. Now we have a list of names of people who have responded! PROGRESS!

In the last two Sundays we have had 20 visitors! That lights my fires to continue the work and keep praying! In December we had 8 families from the original Core Group committed to Central, now we have 10!

Our goal this year is to take 15 couples through the first four phases of our discipleship tracks. We currently have started 2 of those!


We had a milestone this past Sunday, we topped “50” in worship. I know to many of you that doesn’t seem exciting…. BUT I COULDN’T SLEEP THAT NIGHT… WHOOP WHOOP! The Lord really blessed and gave us a great day! How do you get those into one house? Very carefully! Pictured above is a glimpse of part of the set up in our house for Sundays. It actually works just fine for now. But if we keep having a full house we will have to get more creative!

 The progress is slow but sure! Keep praying for us!

Time to KEEP Toiling…

Colossians 1: 28, 29