“And on the following day they entered Caesarea. Cornelius was expecting them and had called together his relatives and close friends.” Acts 10:24

I get asked at times; “Where are you meeting?” When I tell people we are meeting at our house, they normally say: “Do you really?” or they say “How long are you going to do that?” Some say, that must be “really inconvenient” for your wife and kids. I’m really glad to say that every time we clean and set up for worship, my wife and kids all help and they are always excited to have people in our home. Zac, my 16 year old says, “One things for sure, we will never be late for church!” I’m so blessed by a wife and kids that are “100% ALL IN” on helping and being supportive in this ministry. It’s not MY ministry it’s OUR ministry! I’M BLESSED!


There are so many examples in the New Testament about the church being in a house. Check out these references:

Acts 2: 46 > Acts 5:42 > Acts 8:3  > Acts 10:24 > Acts 12:12 > Acts 16:15 > Acts 16:31-36 > Acts 18:7 > Philemon 1:2 > Romans 16:5 > I Corinthians 16:19 > & Colossians 4:15

The word house or household occurs nearly 200 times in the New Testament. This fact emphasizes how fundamental the use of the family nucleus and friendship base was used then.

For Example: In Philemon 1:2, Paul spoke about Philemon having a church in his house. Romans 16:5 & I Corinthians 16:19 speak of the church in Prisca and Aquila’s house. In Colossians 4:15, Paul said Nympha had a church in her house.

The idea in all of these situations was that the home was the permanent location of the church, through which their village could hear the gospel. The home was a network for so many and those relationship connections were a perfect avenue for the gospel to flow through. They commonly used their home for the advancement of the church and the Kingdom! All through Acts, they took of the Lord Supper at houses, shared meals together, used homes as a basis to teach doctrine and truth, and they prayed together in their homes.

ACTS 10: 24-27 & 33 is one of the best examples of someone reaching out to their family and friends through his home.

  • Cornelius had prayed and sought the Lord for truth! Acts 10: 2
  • He was generous and loved the people he knew! Acts 10: 2
  • He arranged for his house to be used as a vehicle in his village! Acts 10: 5
  • He invited all his family & friends to come to His house. Acts 10: 24, 27
  • They shared the gospel and all the news about Christ at his house. Acts 10: 33
  • He let God do the rest! Acts 10: 34-48

We have prayed that God would use our home in the same way He used his. We would be thrilled to see many come to know Christ inside our house! Since we started meeting at our house for worship, we have had over 30 families in it, other than our Core Group. That really excites me! It’s all about building relationships and making connections. I pray each Sunday that people that come will know we are serious about that since we would have them in our home.

Eventually, Central will have a place to call our own. Until then, welcome to the Lee’s house! We are glad you came! LOL… Our den will hold 45 people for worship. We have around 65 involved right now, but they don’t all show up at the same time. HA … must be a Baptist Church.

Keep praying for us! Thank you for your support, texts, calls, and contacts!

Time To Toil…

Colossians 1: 28, 29