Nervous! Excited! Busy! Focused! Praying!


Last August we put an 18 month timeline together. It included having our first preview service on Easter in 2014. A Preview Service is simply the first time the public will ever get to meet our church body. I was talking to our group about it last August and I told them; “Easter is tomorrow!” It didn’t seem like it then to everyone, but it sure does NOW!


NERVOUS! For most churches, Easter is a cinch! You plan your program, the preacher prepares a message, and the community shows up in large numbers because the church has been there for quite a while. For Central, we’ve never done any of it before! Knowing it is the first ever public worship service makes me nervous! I’m just being honest…. And if you were in my shoes…. You would be too! It will forever set a precedent as to who we are and what we will be like! WHOOOP! WOW!

EXCITED! A lot of things get me worked up. LSU beating Arkansas in a last minute touchdown! Blue Bell Ice Cream on Friday night! Getting to take a road trip and see some sites! (OK … so those things aren’t really important) BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS IN MINISTRY has got me so excited! I’ve been in ministry for nearly 25 years, and man I’m pumped up! This is huge! Our first Preview Service! I want to see many lives changed and lots of families connected to Central on Easter Sunday and the weeks following!

BUSY! I love “to do” lists and tackling a challenge. Between driving buses and setting up a mowing schedule for the new lawn season, we are crunching out the agenda for Easter. We’ve been setting up media outlets, developing Discipleship Tracks, meeting with potential new members, purchasing sound equipment, getting insurance, securing a rental facility, getting banners made, planning connection events, making mail outs for Southaven residents, and continuing to meet with Central. We are loving every second … Colossians 1: 28, 29 inspired us that it is TIME TO TOIL!

FOCUSED! None of this can happen without focusing on the Word and keeping our eyes on Christ! It’s really neat how the Word speaks daily to us and gives us guidance for our personal lives and for the task set before us! It’s HIS CHURCH … NOT OURS! So we have to focus on what the Head of the Church is saying! Sincerely, we pray often, Lord if we are off base, bring it to our attention and we will submit to what You say!

PRAYING! Jesus said without me, you can do nothing! I need to abide in Him, praying and listening to His direction! Each day we pray that He would lead us and give fruit, more fruit and much fruit for the Kingdom! We can be Excited, but not have His Enabling Power! We can be Busy, but not Bear Fruit without His Blessing! I pray for His hand to be upon us daily! I pray for this to be for His Glory, not ours! Would you join me in praying for the framing and forming of this church? I know many of you already are. Pray for Fruit to the Kingdom! Pray for us to stay FOCUSED on HIM, yielded to His voice and guidance!


The pictures above are of the facility we will meet at for Easter. We are so glad the Lord opened the door for us to be there for this special occasion!

Time To Toil…

Colossians 1: 28, 29