All I can say is all, the Praise and Glory goes to the Father, Our Risen Savior Jesus Christ and the power of the Sweet Holy Spirit upon us all! Easter was a huge success because God did it all! All the people of Central know that it was all Him and we couldn’t have done it without His blessings and His hand upon us!

It was a great day in that we had a total of 153 present. In that number was a handful of my family who were there for support and encouragement. I sure was grateful for them being there! Other than that the place was full of visitors and prospects! 91 to be exact. WOW!!! Yesterday I spent the greater part of the day following up with them on Facebook, texting, cards and calls. As I looked over all the visitor cards 75% of them had no church home. I say that because that is our focus, reaching the lost, unchurched and dechurched. My heart was so burdened to see this but yet excited that we have so many to reach and focus on. Pray for this group of people that we can reach them and assimilate them into Central.

This Sunday begins our first Discipleship meetings. Track One will begin Sunday at 5:30 P.M. at our house. We are hoping to have 10 couples present for this as this new phase of our ministry begins. Intentional discipleship is one of the main parts of our church! I have invited and some who attended Easter Sunday service, have signed up to come. So pray for this step as we take it Sunday!

I want to take the opportunity to thank our sponsoring church, Charity, for their prayer support and financial support. Also to all the churches who are helping us monthly through the Mt. Calvary Association financially. Thank you to Garrett Memorial in Hope, AR and Worden Baptist in Bald Knob, AR who give monthly as well! Finally to all who gave offering in 2013, THANK YOU! You all made a huge impact this past Sunday through your faithful support! We could not have done it without your hand in it all! All of the money that you helped raise last year was put into action this past Sunday. We were able to do so much because of you! THANK YOU for all you have done and are still doing to help this ministry here! I firmly believe that God will bless your efforts in ministry for your support of Central!

I am so thankful for the team of people that God has put together here. It’s all of Him! They too have financially supported everything ongoing. Some church plants start off not able to do much financially. Not true of Central. They have funded around 60% of total support to the ministry here in 2014. That was a huge factor in the success of Easter. They are to be commended for stepping up to the vision that was cast for Easter back in January. God is working in them and through them! THANK YOU to all of Central for being obedient financially to the Lord! As we go forward, your obedience will continue to be blessed of the Lord!

The people of Central as a whole labored long and hard the last two months. There is no way to measure the hours that were put into Sunday. I want to thank you all for your labor of love for the Kingdom and your Lord over the last few weeks and weekends! I am so thrilled to be serving alongside of you all! It’s just the beginning of what God will do through you!

Be sure to visit our web site to see all the pictures from the day! Enjoy them!

Praise the Lord for all of this! Bless His Name!

…and as we say….


Colossians 1: 28, 29