Gods been blessing… adding families and we are really excited about that! Who wouldn’t be? This past Sunday we added two new families totaling eleven people!
There is only one problem with that… we don’t have enough chairs at our house! We use every chair in the place. We bought 25 chairs last fall that was virtually funded and given to us part by a local Southern Baptist Church and part by an inside donation. Carla and I have two dining room sets that provides a few more then I borrowed four more from my neighbors Larry & Peggy Borrough. We throw in a cough and a love seat (mismatched LOL) and our living room set. Well aint it all purdy together? (In my best southern voice). You should see it! But hey it works!
We can seat 50 with that set up. The problem is we have had between 67 and 72 in attendance the last three weeks and we know more are about to start coming. So we really cannot seat them all. That’s a good problem to have.
We are about to order 25 or 30 more chairs. They are $32 a piece plus shipping which will exceed $1000. I embedded a picture of these chairs in this blog as you can see. The empty one in the picture was where Johnmichael Poulin (Missionary to Peru Guest Speaker this past Sunday) was sitting. It’s chairs like his empty one that we are needing to purchase.  I’m not a beggar; and Central funds a lot of things on its own. I sure don’t want all my blogs to be about the need for something. But I felt compelled to share the need. If you, or the church you pastor, or are involved with, want to help raise some CHAIR FUNDS, we would be elated! You can send the money designated to CHAIR FUND to Central at P.O. Box 344 Southaven, MS 38671.

Once we are in a building this fall, they sure would go to good use even then. In other words, they are something we will be using a very long time.
Thanks for consideration of the need…. But most of all keep praying for Central!
Time To Toil….
Colossians 1: 28, 29