“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” Phil 1: 3-5


A year ago this month, May 19th specifically, Charity Baptist in Ward, AR voted to become the Mother Church to Central and to officially start the work. I am so glad that they are the sponsoring church! Praise the Lord for this awesome church! Thank you all for leading us and helping us through the start of this work of the Lord!
God put us on the same path back in 2009 when I preached the youth camp for the Mt Calvary Association. Keith Lewis was the director of the camp and then Church Planter in Ward, AR. First time I met Keith I knew the two of us (as my Mom would say) “gee-hawed”. God meshed our hearts together and we have been friends ever since.
When we came back from Texas, Keith was a friend to me and it meant the world to Carla and me. I knew he was praying for us and he had me there to preach a couple times. It was a great encouragement to us! His wife Kelley is a “hoot” and we all cut up and joke together a lot. Carla and I love spending time with them!
We had supported Charity as a mission. We could have never dreamed that one day we would end up feeling lead to join the church. But … we did… it really was the Lord’s will for us after visiting around for a while. It’s just what God led us to do.
Charity organized into a church in August of 2012. I was blessed to be able to see that happen. It was a thrill to hear that Keith wanted to plant a church or at least help do so as soon as possible. When we joined Charity… we didn’t have a plan to start a church at the time… but within four months the church voted to do so. It was really a plan of the Lord that we rejoiced in!
They have supported us prayerfully and financially! Keith stays in contact with us and some of their members are very encouraging as well! It means a lot to us! They also provide leadership and wisdom. It had been an incredible blessing working with them and as the passage I shared above states they truly have been our partners in the gospel from the very first day!
THANK YOU CHARITY FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE & YET WILL DO!!! It’s been a great year!!!!!
I must say that this church, who just organized, and isn’t a Big Mega church inspires me! They should inspire other churches as well! Any church could take their example, and answer the call to be a Sponsoring church to new church plants in the BMA!!! Pray about it! There are so many who could do it… Let’s keep planting new churches to the glory of God!
Time To Toil
Colossian 1: 28, 29