AAAA Money

As many of you know, funds are being raised for our launch that is slated for August! Our goal is that $18,000 will come in by July 31, 2014 These funds will help us get off to a great start this fall!

Currently, $10,500 has been raised. So we need $7,500 more obviously! We appreciate our Sponsoring Church for housing this money for us until it comes time for the launch. We are so thankful for many who have given and will give! Especially all of our friends in the Mt Calvary Association who have financially helped us since last September.

These funds will help us be effective in outreach and advertising at the time of our launch. Jump in with us and help us be strategic and excellent in presenting this new BMAA plant to Desoto County!

Funds can be sent to Charity Baptist Church P.O Box 286 Ward, AR 72176. Write checks to Charity and on the “memo line” simply write “CENTRAL OUTREACH FUND”. They will make sure it is ear marked for the plant!

We will update you on our progress in July as the deadline comes closer! Pray with us that all the needed funds will be provided. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Time To Toil …
Colossians 1: 28, 29