My heart is excited and I am really blessed all at the same time! Let me explain….


Last year my boys and I, along with Carl Sookraj and son went to camp with the Mt Calvary Association. I got to preach to preach at the camp and we had a blast together! At that time we were just beginning to share the vision of Central with churches there in that Association. My son Zac said to ma at the camp, “Dad, next year when we go to camp we can bring the teens from Central.” I quickly agreed and thought yeah it would be nice to be at the point where would could bring a group.

Not knowing the future or what the beginning of church planting life would be like, I told him not to get his hopes too high. I kinda played the Fatherly role… protecting him from disappointment… right? I was thinking at the beginning, we would have a few kids and some teens.

Well, what my son hoped for has become reality. I’m blessed to get to go back and preach again at camp next week (which I love doing – camp ministry is awesome)! But what I’m really thrilled about is the group from Central that is going! In my wildest dreams I never thought that we would have so many families with soooooo many kids! It’s really a God thing!

Next Monday, the Lord willing, we will be taking 39 to camp. It’s definitely a milestone for Central! For the very first time we will show up at the Mt Calvary Camp. IM PUMPED UP MAN! FOR REAL! It’s exciting! We have several going that have NEVER been to a camp. Some who are not saved! So pray for them with me that God will do a work in their heart while we are there!

Right after that we are turning around and going to SOAR! Back to back weeks of youth events… and it will be the first time for all of these teens to go to SOAR! 24 teens!!! Look out DALLAS… here we come! Gonna be great! Did I say I AM PUMPED???? WHOOOP!
That’s all I got to say about that, Jack!

TIME TO TOIL… and minister to TEENS AND KIDS
Colossians 1: 28, 29