Back in the day when I was the Youth Pastor at Calvary in Horn Lake, my Pastor, Dr. Kevin Clayton, was always saying; “God’s up to Something!” I loved that saying, because God is always at work!

The last two weeks God has been working in lives here at Central! There were 7 saved at camp! That was so awesome! We had been praying for these kids and teens by name in the days and weeks leading up to camp… in fact, since back in January! It was so awesome to see them each on separate occasions come and talk things over either with myself or our youth pastor Justin. Praise the Lord! Man it was so great!

I wish I could tell you about all of them! But let me share about two of them… Shayla Hillard is one of the teens God brought to camp with us. She had not been attending Central, but she had been to Prom with one of the young men that does attend Central. She got invited to camp and she signed up. Just a day or two before we left she was about to bail out and not come. Which happens with most camps… kids get the jitters and such… she didn’t know anyone in our group except Blake either. Somehow she ended up coming. I’m so glad she did! On the first night of camp, I saw her go to two of our sponsors… I feared she was wanting to go home…. Next thing I know… she was in the altar making a decision to follow Christ! As we say at Camp… WHOOP WHOOP! Lit my fires! Aren’t you glad she didn’t back out!!!!????!!! I sure was! Guess what, her family has been coming to Central! Man, God is up to something!


Cullen Jackson is the other I’ll share about. My son Zac invited Cullen to a youth activity to Putt Putt Golf-n-Games back in May. He came. Since then he has showed up on most Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. Cullen, well he is a rapper! When he first started coming, I talked to his Mom and trying to strike up some common ground, I stated that I knew he was rappin. Her reply was less than favorable. She said we want him in college not wasting his time with that. Well I got nosey. He had become my friend on Facebook. Turns out Mom was right. His rappin wasn’t much to listen to… Oh now don’t get me wrong he’s good at it… it was just flavored with many things that I don’t want people listening to. Fast forward to camp… He signed up to go and I was glad! On Monday night, I preached from Titus 2: 11&12. Sure wasn’t aiming at Cullen because I had planned to preach from that passage long before I knew he was going. But it was clear… students need to turn from this present world and run to the Savior! Well…. Cullen did! On Wednesday night… he moved during the invitation and gave his heart to Christ! WAIT WAIT… there’s more…. When we got home…. He deleted all of his songs…. Oh I failed to tell you that this kids had CD’s that had been produced. He erased them all… announced he would no longer be doing music like that. I watched and am still watching on Facebook as he has publicly proclaimed the Savior and done a 180 with his rappin. He’s sharing Christ with His songs now and I am PUMPED. Here’s just one of the Facebook Statuses he has posted lately… “You may think I fell off, but I’m cooking up a storm for u guys, with a new outlook and new sound. Everything till now was trash no matter how many plays or downloads it had…” When he came back he also did his own video of his POSTER BOARD TESTIMONY… he got saved the night we did them at camp! Yeah, guess what, DONNY PARRISH… he came to SOAR! Got to listen to Andy Mineo right up by the stage. Talk about an impact for him! He got it! That’s all we heard since we got back from SOAR is Mr. Mineo! Now I don’t much understand Mr. Mineo… but Cullen does! Man, God is up to something! Whoop Whoop!

In the last three weeks, we have had over 80 show up on Sundays at Central! There is more to share but I don’t have room on this Blog! Keep praying for Central because… God is up to something… something BIG!

Time to Toil….
Colossians 1: 28, 29