I am very thankful to be able to share this blog. It’s more personal than others, so bear with me.

Boys and I

On Wednesday night at camp, both of my older boys surrendered to ministry. I guess I never imagined that happening on the same night. But it did! I saw Reagan (Roo) go out with our youth pastor Justin and I knew that Zac had tried to move during the invitation as well. As a parent, I wanted to just leave and go out and find them to see what was going on. I knew “God was up to something”! But several had responded to the invitation that night and there were literally 7 people waiting to talk to me. That was awesome too! So I just prayed for the boys while I talked to others. Afterwards they both made their way back to me when the dust had settled and shared how God had dealt with their hearts. To say I was thrilled is an understatement of course….

As a preacher, I have never made it my quest or agenda to talk with them about this. You can be “Daddy Called” or you can be God called. Huge difference! This isn’t a family business! Carla and I have always wanted our boys to do whatever it is that God has for them. However, along the line both of them in their own ways and own time have discussed this with me. What’s funny is I’ve never told the one that I had also heard from the other about this in their life. I just kept it to myself and prayed for them along the line that God would make it plain to them if indeed it was His call.


Roo spoke with me first about this on our way home from Ramsey Heights Baptist Church. I had spoken there at a youth rally on a Saturday night. I had preached “How to know if you are madly in love with Jesus!” Honestly, I kind of had one of those flops… every preacher has them here and there… I thought to myself “Nothing good will come from that mess!” and “Boy, I just laid an egg!” You preachers know what I mean. But, sure enough, Roo had been drawn in the service and felt he was being called. I was stunned! The conversation was long but my basic advice was keep praying and walking with the Lord and He will show you and confirm this through time. Through time, other such conversations took place. One with Keith Lewis and others with me… “God was up to something”… but it all came to fruition at camp when God made it clear to him. I know he is only 14, but you know what, I felt and knew the call of God when I was 11.


Zac is a very sincere and committed young man. He wants to serve the Lord and he does by helping with various things at Central. I have sensed that God was working in his life, and at times he has mentioned it in passing. My boys are different. Roo is more open while Zac is less on the details. Yet it has been clear that God was doing a work. For him it first started at SOAR in 2013. He had gone to SOAR with Charity and Bro Keith Lewis. Donny Parrish stated something to the effect that it was time for young men to step up and follow the Lord in ministry. God used that because … “He was up to something!” That one statement captured his attention and grew in his heart through the year. At camp God laid on my heart to preach on Tuesday night from I Samuel 3. I dealt with the calling of God in our lives. Never actually got to the call of God to ministry during the message. Yet the message was clear that night to Zac. He was in a scripture skit playing the role of Samuel. I didn’t choose him to pin point him, I just did that because I knew he would do it for the camp. Through that message and skit… God worked in his heart and made it clear what He was asking him to do! He is only 17, but in time God will prove to Him how this should play out in his life.

Zac would say maybe the Lord wants him to work with youth while Roo says God has called him to preach. “God’s up to something!” Only time will tell what specifically they will each do for Him. The agenda now is to further deepen their walk with Him and to teach them more to listen to His voice. I know through this they will see the steps in front of them more clearly. So pray for them…. Pray for Carla and I as we stir them and teach them and guide them through this process. We are going to take it just one step at a time.

Zac is a senior this fall, we are praying now about college for him… pray with us that we will know and do the will of God for his life in this regard. Now he would love to go to CBC in Conway, AR. and I would love that too…but my heart aches thinking he would be that far from home… he’s my boy you know…. we shall see….

It is an exciting time in our lives… a time I will treasure forever! I often wondered if God would call one of my boys to ministry… its kind of amazing to me that on the same night… neither one knowing that the other was making that decision, that they both surrendered to ministry… I’m so overwhelmed and deeply moved…

WOW… that’s all I can say is WOW!

Time To Toil…
Colossians 1: 28, 29