I am so pleased to announce that God has opened the door for Central to add a Children’s Pastor. We welcome to our Staff, David Hatton!!!


God brought David Hatton (39), his wife Natalie and family to us earlier in the year! We were thrilled to have them join Central and become a part of what God is doing here. I knew at the time that David had been involved in ministry in some levels. Come to find out he had been involved in children’s and youth ministry for some time. God sent us a jewel! They are a wonderful couple with great passion for Christ and love for people. They have been married since September of 1996 and have four children, Blake, Madison, Brett, and Zack.

Over the past few weeks discussions have been held behind the scenes. After praying over this matter an engaging in necessary question and answers, the Oversight Team met with David this week and voted unanimously to make him the Children’s Pastor. He will be assuming his role before the time of our public launch which will be announced later.

Over the next few weeks, the staff will be meeting to plan out our complete approach for launch with David on board now. Our launch will be much smoother with his help!

I appreciate him stepping up to serve. He will not be a paid staff member. As you know, our staff functions without pay for the most part. It benefits the church plant enormously to have them on board! I pray that as time moves along, the church will continue to grow spiritually, financially and numerically so that staff can be compensated part time. Pray that this happens!

We are excited to have David added to our ranks! WELCOME ABOARD DAVID!

Time To Toil…
Colossians 1: 28, 29