Let me begin by saying; “My Apologies!” It’s been a while since I have had the time to blog and share about things going on here at Central! As you all know I am Bi-vocational. When school started it amped up my business! I roll on the bus twice a day and mow in between routes. So it has cut back on my time during the week for non-essentials… like blogging. Here are a couple of major things that have happened.
Over the summer we saw some teens and kids saved and 11 of them follow the Lord in Baptism. It was an exciting day as 157 people gathered for our first baptismal service to celebrate what God did in our midst!

Anders Preaching

In all my years of ministry I haven’t had a more exciting day in ministry like that! Especially since I got to baptize my daughter in the same service! Here is a picture of the candidates.

The other big news is we have finally found a building. We literally looked at 19 different buildings hoping to nail down our future location. That all started in early May. We had settled on a building that did not have the room we needed over time. It was the only one that we could rent when it came down to it in late July. The day our Oversight Team convened to see it for one last time and vote to rent it, we receive a phone call that a building had opened up at the exact location/corner in the vicinity where I had prayed to be near. We went immediately to see the building and with all 7 of our Oversight Team there, we voted to rent it on the spot. It was more square footage than we ever dreamed of having. We were thrilled and have been praising the Lord about it since then. After working out a few details and agreeing to foot the price to add restrooms, we will be able to be in it for our launch service on October 26th!

Front Pic
God has put several people in our church that have been so key in getting things done in this building process. Through Carl Sookraj we got the connection to the building. With Allan Cunningham, a Southaven fireman, we got the inside track to get ourselves up to code with the Fire Departments requirements. Mike Hoskins is a builder and he is the man guy working on our redesign inside, framing up walls and sheet rocking. Mike Smart is going to do our cabinets and counter tops, since he does this for a living every day of his life. And… me well I’m the Chairman of the Planning Commission in Southaven and I knew who to see to get our project through city hall in three days. Phewww… God is AWESOME! He put this church together! I have to mention, we have had some key donations in time to get every chair we need to go in the new building! I sure am thankful for everyone within the church and without that has made this thing come together!
We started work on the building this week. The plumber, my good friend Don South, came and got the new bathrooms rolling. Carl Sookraj and Mike Hoskins got the first wall up too! Here are some pictures of their work! We all appreciate the work they are doing!

Ren 4Ren 2
We will keep you updated as things move forward. Mowing is about to slow down and I should be able to share more and keep you better informed as we move into the Fall.
Colossians 1: 28, 29