Over the past year we have seen God move and we have experienced His grace in our lives and in this ministry. I give all of the credit and honor to Him! None of what has happened could have been accomplished without Him… no doubt! As one of our theme verses clearly states, we “toil” in “his energy” not ours! I am so thankful for all He has done… so when you read this blog… please don’t think we are bragging… we can only brag on Him!

On January 5, 2014, I met with all of our group before we began holding worship officially at our home. That night I laid out the goals for 2014. Here they are and how they have turned out so far in 2014.

Goal #1: To Hold Four Major Connection Events: We ended up having more than four by September and God used each one to connect with certain families that are now in our midst at Central!

Goal #2: To Initiate Discovery Bible Studies for Adults on Wednesday nights and expand to two meetings: We have done Discovery throughout the year but we have not yet expanded to two separate meetings. We hope to reach this goal soon with the availability of new leaders.

Goal #3: To hold Two Preview Services before we launched: On April 20th for Easter we held a service at Desoto Central High School and had 153 in attendance! We were blown away at the response to this first service. On August 10th we held our second preview at a pool house in a nearby subdivision and literally crammed 157 people into a 140 seat room. WOW! Both services I will never forget!

Goal #4: To Secure a Facility by August 1st: On July 28th we shook hands with the owner of the building we are now in on Getwell Road! That building was exactly what we had been looking for at the right price!

Goal #5: To purchase a total of 150 chairs by September for the new facility: God provided every penny for them to be purchased right on time! We now have 165 chairs to use!

Goal #6: To have 15 couples go through Tracks One & Two of our Discipleship Tracks: We currently have had 16 couples and 5 individuals go through or are currently going through these Tracks. So this goal will be met by mid-December!

Goal #7: To raise $18,000 for our Launch and Outreach Budget by October 1st: We fell short of this amount. We did however raise a little over $14,000 from the Mt Calvary Association and various churches and individuals. We have been using that over the last month as we have already launched and begun outreach. It would still help to have the other $4000 needed in that original figure.

Goal #8: To have 50 members by 2015: At this writing we now officially have 66 members!

Goal #9: To have 75 in service on average by 2015: We currently for the year are averaging 81. Although since July we have averaged 89 with our low attendance being 76 and our high being 154. In the last three weeks since we have been in the building we have averaged 133!

Goal #10: To have our members give $40,000 for the year to the general fund with 10% of it going to missions. We have already exceeded this and currently have had over $56,000 come in from OUR members!

Throughout the year we have had several saved! That’s what it’s all about! We are thrilled to see all that God has done and yet there is sooooo much more to be done, so many lives to touch!

Keep praying for us, as I know so many of you do! THANK YOU for that! It means so much to all of us! Thank you for your financial support as well! The Lord will reward your gifts for His Kingdom!

Time to Toil!
Colossians 1:28, 29