THANK YOU!!!!! It is the season of Thanksgiving. To all of you individuals, classes, youth groups, and churches I want to personally say how much I appreciate your prayerful and financial support for Central throughout 2014! It has been a huge blessing and I pray that God will exponentially bless you all for contributing to the cause of Christ here in Southaven, MS.

It takes a lot of people and money to get a new church off the ground. Without all of you involved so many things would not have happened, from sound equipment, tables, chairs, media equipment, nursery furniture, even a lot of our outreach and advertisements. My heart has been so encouraged and blessed seeing it all come together.

I join with all of the people at Central to say again THANK YOU for being such a blessing!!!!! In this Thanksgiving season we surely cannot help but resound our gratitude to you! You are part of what is happening here because of how you have given to this ministry. Over the past year we have grown from the Core Group to twenty three families. We rejoice at what God has done and give Him all the praise!

I am very thankful that our people are giving and making a significant impact on the needs and ministry here. This group by no means has been totally dependent upon outside support. It is a healthy indicator that things are headed in the right direction. THANK YOU to everyone at Central for doing their part!

As with any church plant, the work has just begun. There are many other things that we yet need to do and provide for. In lieu of this we are attempting to raise $5,000 by the end of 2014. These additional funds will help make up for our short fall in raising funds earlier in the year.

I will be blogging more soon about this need and goal. Until then…

Colossians 1:28, 29