We are so grateful for all of the funds that have been raised and given towards the plant thus far. What a blessing! It all has been critical to the function and life of Central, especially during the launch recently.

This year we attempted to raise $18,000 to be used for the time frame of our launch. A good amount was given and we have been utilizing it through the fall. However, we fell short of the goal. We had set it to be reached by October 1, 2014.
In lieu of this we are attempting to raise $5,000 that would make up for the shortfall on the previous goal. We would like to see this reached by December 31, 2014.

We used in house funds to complete renovation of the building when we assumed the property. There was simply no way that we could foresee what it would take to get into this particular building when we rented. We had to add two bathrooms, which involved extensive plumbing work that was costly. We also had to completely paint in and add a stage. With those costs, along with the purchase of everything that is in, any normal functioning building, we ended up funding more than expected. Our Sponsoring church Charity in Ward, AR, took up a very generous offering to help us with these matter. Between their offering and what our people gave, we had the money needed to get by on a very major project for a young plant!

Those unexpected costs did however take away from the complete launch plan. So we want to regain funds for that purpose. What will it be used for specifically? The funds we raise in this goal will help pay for final sound and media needs in the building. More importantly, it will also fund two major outreach efforts in December and January.

We know that churches, ministries and individuals are planning and organizing how they may give to mission efforts in this time of year. Please pray about presenting this to your church if you are a Pastor. A one-time special offering for this need would be a huge blessing. You may be a businessman or individual that loves to invest in church planting efforts. Consider what the Lord may have you to do towards this as a year-end gift.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter. Join us in praying that these funds can be raised.

Churches and Individuals can send offerings through the National BMAA office. The address is BMAA MISSIONS DEPARTMENT P.O. Box 878 Conway, AR 72033. When you send offerings to the Missions office put “Central Church Plant– Desoto County, MS” in the memo line.

You may also send offerings to our Sponsoring Church, Charity Baptist in Ward, AR. Their address is: P.O. Box 286 Ward, AR. 72176

You can send it directly to Central at our mailing address which is: P.O. Box 344 Southaven, MS. 38671.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and love for Central and church planting! Keep praying for us as we move forward here in Southaven!

Colossians 1:28, 29