As I look back on this past year I can be nothing but thankful! God worked in hearts and moved in ways that were simply amazing. Now the Devil… that ole boy… he got his cracks in too… but that’s to be expected. We all know how the story ends!

Here are a few of the highlights from 2014…

We began the year at Central with 8 families. As we turn the page to 2015 we have 27 families!

We began the year with 26 members and we now are rejoicing in 104 members.

We began the year averaging 30 in worship and ended averaging 111!

We have around 30 other people attending services other than our members as the year closes.

Easter was a big highlight of the year. Our people worked hard and planned well. It was a true blessing seeing it all happen. The first public preview worship service brought 153 people through the doors. That service eventually was the entry point for 5 families!

Worship 4

Camp/SOAR was BIG in that it brought our youth group together. God had blessed us with a bunch of kids and teens. At Stoneridge He created a bond in them that hasn’t faded! Seven teens/kids were saved and two surrendered to ministry… and as of last night… another from that group has stepped forward to say he is being called into ministry. My heart rejoices in this each time I think about it!


We held our first baptismal service at a public pool house. It was awesome… 154 people packed into a room with 140 chairs in it. We saw 11 follow the Lord in baptism that day and it was an event I will never forget!


God literally gave us the building we are in at the last minute… we were about to sign on a place close to where we are now… but Carl Sookraj got a call that opened the door for our current building. It has been working beautifully for us. Just this past month, God opened the door for us to use the loft in that building as well! The loft will serve primarily as our youth room but can be utilized for other things too. It’s about 750 square feet extra space that we especially needed on Wednesday nights. We will be sheet rocking that area soon to be able to utilize the space.

Front Pic

On our opening day in the building, we saw 154 people come total, with 41 of those being visitors. Since that day we have enjoyed seeing many of those visitors returning and taking part, and in the last two weeks evening joining!
Our discipleship tracks have got rolling. We have seen many of our people go through the first two Tracks. I am excited to see this in development and taking off. More of this will start to function in 2015.

There is so much more I could tell. Bottom line God has been good in 2014 and I Praise Him for all He has done! I also want to thank you all again for praying for us and supporting us! It means a lot! A huge thank you to Charity and to Keith Lewis for their faithful support and encouragement!

Pray for us in 2015 to honor Him and reach people for Christ!

Time To Toil….
Colossians 1: 28, 29