As many of you already know, just a year ago we literally only had 4 teenagers. We began praying that God would put together a youth group! Well… He sure answered that prayer! We now have 28 of them, if they are all here at once! Praise the Lord… that’s pretty cool!


When we first got in our building we were able to include a children’s room and nursery area. That was a blessing because there are nearly 30 kids and around 12 -14 little ones! We are definitely a YOUNG church.

It became painfully obvious that the kids and lil ones had a place to gather but not the teens. So we set out to change that.

The building we are in has a third floor. The teens and our Student Pastor began referring to it as “THE LOFT”. The Loft is an area that is finished out to some extent. It is floored out, studded out, has lights. Sheet rock was put up there when the building was built with the intent of insulating and walling it out. It just never happened.

Since it has just been sitting there, in 2014 we approached the owner about using it. We asked him if we could finish it out and use it. He has agreed!!! It will give us the needed room for our youth. It is a little over 700 square feet finished. Which, funny enough, is bigger than the den at my house where the whole church gathered for over a year! I feel like singing George Jefferson’s theme song… we are “Moving on Up!” Ha!

We are going to have to insulate it, drop in some electrical lines for outlets, add some additional lighting, build a serving area for food, and frame out some storage at the owners request.

While we are doing “ok” financially, as a mission we are paying our bills on time… whaaaa hoooo! But money is not abundant. It will take us around $3800 to complete this project. We will do all we can internally. However, we need some help!

I know at times we church planters seem to ask for a lot. Yet, if you have a heart for teens… youth ministry… and you have some money laying around in your “mad money” box, pray about being part of a door God has opened for this ministry at Central! We sure would appreciate it, and I know God would bless you for helping. You would definitely be investing in young lives!

If you feel led to help, you may send your offering in the following ways:

For churches and individuals who send offerings through the National BMAA office. The address is BMAA MISSIONS DEPARTMENT P.O. Box 878 Conway, AR 72033. When you send offerings to the Missions office put “Central Church Plant– Youth Room” in the memo line.

Offerings can be sent to our Sponsoring Church, Charity Baptist in Ward, AR. Their address is: P.O. Box 286 Ward, AR. 72176

You can send it directly to Central at our mailing address which is: P.O. Box 344 Southaven, MS. 38671.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and love for Central and church planting! Keep praying for us as we move forward here in Southaven!

Time to Toil
Colossians 1: 28, 29