As the year begins we know that there is a lot of Kingdom work to do in Desoto County! We had a wonderful year in 2014, but that is behind us and it’s time to press on to what God wants us to do in 2015. Pray for us that we can labor for Him in love, and reach people more effectively in this year.

Goals 2015

There are over 170,000 people in our county and it’s growing every day. In the north central part of our county, at any location, there are approximately 14,000 living within a mile! Like I said, there is a lot of work to be done. 52% of our county is in-between the ages of 25 and 45. Include their kids in that, and it jumps even more. We have a very young county. So we are attempting to reach that culture with a contemporary approach to ministry.

We have 7 main goals in ministry that we are seeking to accomplish in 2015! Pray with us as we serve and toil through the year. Here they are…

1. To Complete “The Loft” for our student ministry by the end of February. We are currently raising money to do this addition for our teens and hope to start in a couple of weeks on the project.

2. Completing and implementing Tracks 1-6 of our discipleship engine. Currently we have three completed and implemented in our midst. Discipleship is one of my passions in this plant and it will be a key part of the ministry in 2015!

3. Having 4 major OIKOS connection events. These events are designed for our families to invite people who are not in church or who are lost to Central. They are simply an entry point into Central. We will be investing into each of these events and praying that God will add families and save lives as a result of them!

4. Add 15 Families in 2015! Last year we had the same goal and we added more than that, but after prayer this has become the clear objective for our plant this year again.

5. For our members to give 95,000 to our Operating Fund by themselves. Stewardship is a must for our ministry to thrive and move forward. Central gives 10% of it’s funds to missions, so if this goal is met, then we will give $9500 to BMAA Mission work around the world!

6. Raise $2000 for the Bjorkland Easter Offering and the Don York Gift for Christ! We currently support two BMAA missionaries. Tommy Rose in Mexico and Johnmichael Poulin in Peru. Each of these offerings will benefit their work funds and enable them in their ministries on these fields!

7. Start a Vision Fund for Future Building Needs. As we grow numerically, it is evident that we will be needing a larger auditorium area. We are able to seat 120, 130 tops. We are currently averaging a lil over 100 in worship. We feel that by the end of the year we will be relocating or expanding services.

We are excited about what lies ahead! Pray for us. Obviously this is not all the scoop… but a good reflection of what’s happening at Central! Thank you all for your love and support!

Colossians 1: 28, 29