In 2015, Central will be doing four major outreach events in an effort to connect us to new families. We call these OIKOS connection events.
OIKOS is simply the Greek word for “house” or “household”. In Bible times it referred to one’s family unit. Their family unit was more than just immediate family but it included extended family. There are many examples of it in scripture. Perhaps the best is in reference to Cornelius in Acts 10. Acts 10:24 mentions the fact that he invited his family and friends to come to his house. Peter came and shared Christ, and many were saved in his circle of influence. He impacted his OIKOS for Christ and was saved himself.
In the same way, at Central, we ask our people to reach out to and impact their OIKOS as he did. We ask them to think about everyone… family, friends, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, anyone who is not in church or lost. A lot of people will not simply come to a church, but they will come to an event. Central’s staff plans and hosts these events. Our people invite them to come to the events. It is there, not at the “church building” where we make our connection… in a relaxed atmosphere. We build rapport, let down our hair, eat, hang out, get to know them…. you get the point.
I think Jesus did this sort of thing. In Luke 7:34 it says “The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’” He reached out to the common man by breaking down the walls that were between them and God (Mark 2:13-17). Walls that the religious Pharisees of the day had erected. He was real, He interacted, He loved them, He saved them! That’s what we want to do… reach and love people and point them to a Savior who can transform their life!

On February 20th, we are having our first such event! Our people are praying about who to invite as we speak. Would you pray with us as we make our first effort in 2015 to reach new people who do not know Christ! Thanks in advance!

Colossians 1: 28, 29