In the very early stages of Central’s existence, the first three families met in May of 2013 and decided to follow the example of our Mother Church, Charity Baptist. Charity began giving to missions from the beginning. Keith Lewis, pastor, led them to give 10% of all funds taken in to BMA Missions to teach them the importance of doing so. Central has been doing exactly that. 10% of what our people give goes straight to two BMA missionaries Johnmichael Poulin (Peru) and Tommy Rose (Mexico).

We have also added two opportunities for our people to give directly to missions outside of our budgeted amount of 10%. In 2014, we created the “Don York Gift for Christ” that is taken at Christmastime each year.
It is a joy to announce that we will be taking an annual offering for BMA missions every Easter that is now named the “Bjorklund Celebration Offering”. This year’s Bjorklund Celebration Offering will benefit the work fund of Tommy Rose, missionary to Mexico.

Where did this name come from? Anders Bjorklund is the church planting missionary that reach my family for Christ. In 1962, he was the man who came knocking on my parent’s door inviting them to come to church. It was West Gate Baptist Church in Kenner, LA. The church was small and struggled to have many on Sundays. My Dad was discipled personally by Bro. Anders and my Mom was saved during the time they were attending West Gate.

The church plant, West Gate, never made it to the point of organizing. Some said of Bro. Anders, well “he failed”. I beg to differ. He reached and disciple my parents, and as a result they have served the Lord in ministry now for over 50 years. Under my Dad’s ministry many have been saved and some young men (including myself) surrendered to ministry. What some classified as failure looks to me like success! Bro. Bjorklund went on to plant another church in Terrytown, LA. that was successful by church planting standards. But I am most thankful for what he did in Kenner, LA. with my parents.

It’s obvious now where I got my name. My parents named me in honor of him for the impact he made on their lives. I am so thankful for him. I only got to meet him very briefly before he died. I wish I could have the opportunity to know him better. It would have been pretty cool to have had lunch a few times.

Since I didn’t get to do that, I want to honor him by naming our Easter offering after him. I celebrate what God did in and through his life. I include “Celebration” in this name for that reason but also simply to say that we are celebrating what Christ has done. No better time to celebrate than on Easter Sunday.

So join me in giving to the Bjorklund Celebration Offering. This year the offering will begin on March 15 and will be taken each Sunday ending on Easter Sunday, April 5th. Our goal is $2000! Let’s give to missions in Mexico and help equip Tommy Rose to do the work there!


Colossians 1: 28, 29