This past Sunday at Central, I preached from Luke 12. In verse 32, of that chapter Jesus tells His followers that they will be given the Kingdom by the Father. In verses 13- 31 leading up to that statement He addresses the mindset of the world verses believers mindset when it comes to Kingdom mentality. The world wants their money and possessions, they want only to build their own Kingdom (verses 13-21). Believers seek to fulfill the wishes of the King – Jesus – and focus on building His Kingdom. They trust God who will provide for them as they work diligently for Him. Jesus said, “seek his Kingdom” and all the things you need “will be added to you”! That’s an awesome promise!

Since the beginning of Central, God has been faithful to supply all the needs of the church plant. From sound equipment, chairs, nursery items, and even the building… the list of things He has given us is too long actually. I just praise Him when I think about it all!

Our Mother Church, Charity, as young as they are in existence, yet working to establish all that they need, has aggressively supported us! I am humbled by all they have done to help! They are to be commended for being a church that has embraced the great commission in planting churches.

Shortly after Charity voted to be our Mother Church, Mt Calvary Association in Arkansas voted to be the first associational support to the plant. They have been helping monthly since later in 2013. Their support has been so critical to all that has taken place. I am so thankful for their help throughout this process.

Many BMA churches in Mississippi and Arkansas has lent their aid by one time offerings that have assisted us in launching. Two churches have supported us monthly, Garrett Memorial in Hope, AR and Worden Baptist in Bald Knob, AR. To all these churches we are grateful!

We have seen God provide for us as we have sought to do His Kingdom work! We are always amazed!

We recently made a trip to a BMA church in Mississippi who has pledged to get involved and help us! We were so excited with that news, as it is a critical time financially for us!

At this time, more financial aid for the plant here in Southaven, MS is in the works. A partnership between the National Missions Office and the Missions Office in the BMA of MS is being proposed and worked on behind the scenes. Once this has taken place, it will enable me to put more time into Central while remaining bi-vocational, and give us more ministry funds to reach more people and do more things.

I will be able to say more about this in days to come. It is unfolding as we speak. My whole point in this brief blog report is simply… God does what He says! When He said He would give us all the things we need when we seek His kingdom…. He meant it! PRAISE HIS NAME!

Colossians 1: 28, 29