We have had a great Spring in 2015. Our people have been inviting their “OIKOS”, as a result we have engaged many visitors through the year. It’s time, however, to shift gears with our outreach. We won’t be leaving the OIKOS method, but bringing along side of it a new Summer strategy.

Central is gearing up to get outside the walls and engage the culture this Summer. We’re “Taking it to the Streets!” We will be ministering to all kinds of different people of various ages.

Our people will be going on Sunday mornings before worship to Baptist Desoto Hospital to love and minister to those going through trials in the IC Unit. The plan is to provide breakfast to those who have been camped out there for days caring for their loved ones, give them a roll of quarters for vending machines, and of course pray with them and for the patient involved…just take time to love people. The church will be doing this five times during the ten weeks of summer – “taking it to the streets”!

Many of you know I have had a mowing business for three years. I love mowing, it relaxes me. So, we are using mowing to love people. Some of our people will be helping us mow yards of the elderly or those who have physical difficulties. This is another way we will be “taking it to the streets”!

Teams of members will be going into Memphis to serve at the Calvary Rescue Mission. This is a ministry that feeds and houses the homeless and suffering men of Memphis. Yes, some of them have addictions. Each night they are there, they get to hear the Gospel. Our people are going to raise money for these guys to stay in this facility during the hottest days of the summer. They are also going to go to the site and serve by feeding them and cleaning up the facility, just showing the love of Christ and “taking it to the streets” so these men do not have to be on the streets.

We are also doing VBS in city parks. We have selected two parks in the county to use. At each park we will be doing VBS twice. So, there will be a total of four events. All the homes around them will get invites to the event. Games, Snacks, Fun Bounces & Bible stories – sharing the gospel will be the agenda. Who says you need a big building to do VBS. We are just “taking it to the streets! We pray that kids will be saved and their families connected to Central through this effort!

In late Summer, we will be connecting with people by providing school supplies to those who need help obtaining them. Our people will be purchasing pencils, paper, notebooks, glue, tissue paper, hand sanitizer… you know – all the stuff kids and parents need to get school rolling!

It’s all about loving people, meeting needs, being the church… “Taking it to the Streets!” Pray for these efforts that they bear fruit for the Kingdom!

Colossians 1: 28, 29